More info about images and videos

We can accept your images however you currently have them organized.  However, following this simple standard naming guideline will ensure the best results.  

If a product has a SKU of 12345, name your main image 12345.  

For each additional image, keep the SKU prefix then and an underscore ( _ ) followed by a numbering sequence beginning at 2.

For example, 12345_2 would be the second additional product image.  12345_3 would be the third and so on.


  • Image sizes over 400 x 400 pixels have lower sales rate conversions.  Ideal image range is 200 x 200 pixels to 400 x 400 pixels with 300 x 300 the best.  It is recommended you make sure your sizes are optimized.

  • Image should be on a white background.

  • Image cannot contain any banned content.

  • Videos will be included in the description area of each product page.