An easy way to think of Pet Industry Warehouse

Almost all product businesses have two distinct halves. The "front office" or customer facing half and "operations" or the warehouse and order fulfillment half.

These two halves are important to each other. Operations would have no purpose without the front office generating orders and the front office would quickly become the "complaints office" if operations was inefficient.

Even though both are important, the front office does start every transaction and manages expectations throughout all relationships. The warehouse generally only becomes visible when there is a problem.

At Pet Industry Warehouse, we have adopted a really simple way to think of our services. We are the operations half for brands that recognize focusing on their brand and their customers provides the best return on investment.

Brands can then enjoy some key benefits:

  • Predictable, and almost invariably lower, cost,

  • No lease or warehouse costs to contend with,

  • No employee injuries to worry about,

  • No owner’s time being spent in the warehouse working or supervising and

  • Better freight rates.