How Do You Warehouse?

Learn a few stories and successes that Pet Industry Warehouse clients have found.

Meet that she uses Pet Industry Warehouse, she can focus on growing her brand.

Molly wholesales her pet products to independent retailers using an online marketplace that caters to just pet.

Molly is great but she knew that filling orders several times a day and then entering shipping and tracking information back into the marketplace is not where she is her greatest.

When she would get a little behind, customers would get in touch and be frustrated. Molly knew there had to be a better way. There had to be a way that allowed her to focus on her brand and her customers...not spend so much of her time shipping orders. Molly contacted Pet Industry Warehouse and now all her time is for what she loves...growing her brand. Plus she’s even saving a bunch!

Meet that he uses Pet Industry Warehouse, he can focus on looking after his major accounts.

Both Sean's list of products and list of customers are relatively small. But that's a good thing because it is by design. His customers purchase his fresh pet treats in very large numbers and usually in varying formats. Which meant each Monday after receiving purchase orders, the remainder of his week was spent getting everything ready to ship out. This left no time to support and develop his major accounts. Eventually, Sean was going to bump up against slumping sales due to lack of that customer support. Sean contacted Pet Industry warehouse and now, no matter how big Monday's purchase orders are, he knows that his week is free to grow his business.

Meet that she uses Pet Industry Warehouse, she regularly launches new products.

Laura definitely has a different need from Molly and Sean. Laura is a market analyst and product designer specializing in several types of consumer goods and she has varied base of customers. Several of her products are pet focused and that is how she found us. Laura not only takes advantage of our sourcing, prototyping and aisle mock up services, but also our warehousing and order fulfillment. Sometimes her customers simply want to issue regular purchase orders instead of an outright intellectual property purchase for her design. No problem for her now, she has the inventory warehoused here at Pet Industry Warehouse and we fulfill all her orders as they come in.

How do you warehouse?