Just Right

Either the warehouse is too small or the lease is too big....Pet Industry Warehouse is just right.

Nearly 78% of all consumer brands report using a warehouse and order fulfillment provider at least some of the time. Main reason cited was being able to focus on brand growth instead of a physical warehouse or warehouse employees.

The simple truth is that consumers shopping in store aisles do not consider, even the tiniest bit, how that product got on the shelf. The warehouse and wholesale order are just not part of their buying decision.

If a consumer ignores everything about the warehouse, then why burden the risk of having a warehouse too small to accommodate growth? Why risk getting in to a big lease that obligates the business for years likely not matching the business' goals for all that time in to the future? Why risk expensive maintenance, or worse and even more expensive, employee injury?

Those risks should not be burdened, rather avoided. Sometimes brands have unique processes unable to be effectively served elsewhere and they should have their own warehouse. But most of the time, using a dedicated warehouse and order fulfillment provider allows brands to lower their overall cost, grow without constraint and avoid any risks.

Pet Industry Warehouse is a long-standing warehouse and order fulfillment provider 100% dedicated to the pet industry.