Standard Warehouse vs. Pet Industry Warehouse

There are lots of warehousing, fulfillment and logistics providers in the marketplace and it is not a one-size-fits-all choice. What are the main differences between providers and how does a company choose the right one for them? Pet brands who have chosen Pet Industry Warehouse commonly tell us 5 reasons.

Focus. One of our clients put it best, "I want to be able to call, ask a question, get an answer and see the results right away; we get that with Pet Industry Warehouse." Many warehouses focus on many things surprisingly things like trucking or freight brokerage. Way down on their list is the timely and careful fulfillment of their customers orders. At Pet Industry Warehouse we know that when we focus on what's best for our clients first, everyone wins.

Capability. The majority of warehousing providers fall into one of two categories. Focusing on dedicated massive accounts moving hundreds of pallets daily or eCommerce retailers that generate thousands of orders every single day. Nothing wrong with that and good thing we have those providers. But for the 99% of pet brands that don't fall in to one of those categories, it's difficult to get the results they hope for and which allow their brand to flourish. Pet Industry Warehouse handles all its clients large orders and all the single direct to consumer orders regardless of how many there are per day or week. We satisfy truckload orders just as well as gift wrapped orders of one product to a consumer.

Special Services. Famous sayings are usually famous because they contain a lot of truth. Seems like in the consumer products industry it is also true...."best laid plans [ ] often go awry". A warehousing and order fulfillment provider which can go beyond simple, predictable light assembly work and handle all special services can make the difference when something goes a little wrong. Taking a bad situation and turning it into an almost unnoticeable blip instead of something horrific like the brand losing a major sale or big customer.

Commitment. When a standard warehouse has no industry focus, the only thing they are experts on is themselves. Pet Industry Warehouse is a long-standing warehouse and order fulfillment provider 100% focused on the pet industry.

Operational View. This dovetails with commitment. When a warehouse focuses broadly, it has to create a way of doing things that everyone must conform to; that's a lot of square pegs trying to fit round holes. At Pet Industry Warehouse we are flexible and like to say we work how our clients want to work. We want to be a natural and effortless extension of your operations. Not to mention, each Pet Industry Warehouse client gets an online portal for full visibility and is completely customizable to accomplish any integration or any information need.