The Pet Industry Warehouse Process

A warehouse can be thought of as a collection of key activities under one roof. These key activities all together create a warehouse process. Just a like a chain's weakest link determines its strength; so too a warehouse's weakest activity determines the process' effectiveness. All others in the supply chain rely heavily on the warehouse process in any products journey from manufacture to retail sale. Ongoing careful management of each activity is crucial to any product's success.

Front Office

  • Document and inventory management

  • Safety protocols

Receiving and Crossdock

  • Examine and count

  • Return processing

Assembly & Rework

  • Pull from sub assemblies to create final ship-ready goods (often referred to as "kitting")

  • Any products needing corrections


  • All products are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment at all times

Order Processing

  • Pick and pack

  • Case level

  • Pallet level

Shipping and Dispatch

  • All modes

  • Access to competitive rates

Post Dispatch Monitoring