What exactly is an Invisible Warehouse?

We all know a regular warehouse is a place where forklifts are busy moving pallets of product in and out of trucks and up and down from storage racks. It's a place where teams of workers are putting orders together ready to go out on one of several trucks that day.

We understand that an efficient warehouse takes careful management along with professional staff who believe in doing a good job. We can also imagine that the good warehouses are places where simple things like keeping it clean along with complex things like implementing the latest technology go hand and hand.

But what's an invisible warehouse? How is an invisible warehouse different from a regular warehouse? It's not.

Invisible warehouses do not do things differently than good warehouses; invisible warehouses do everything regular warehouses do plus one very important thing.

Invisible warehouses make their number one focus never being a consideration to the shopper or the brand supplying the products to the shopper. Equally, never a consideration by the retailer who needs to receive the products in a timely manner. None of these groups: shopper, retailer and brand should ever have to think about the warehouse; if they are it's usually because something is going wrong.

The greatest compliment a warehouse can receive is to be completely unknown...to be invisible.

music: bensound.com